We are Leaders

We are leaders. We are not normal. Don’t try to be a normal person, because you will just end up with frustation and depression.

Why not?
Because we have so many things to decide. And in order to make an effective decision, we meet people and get their inputs, their feedbacks. We have meetings after meetings to brainstorm and validate what will be the best decision. We need stamina to stay focus for long hours. While other operational levels need their good health to operate well physically, we need our good health to keep our mind healthy so we can decide objectively.

And because we meet many people, we will deal with lots of different people with their own uniqueness, with each ego in the way. Pros and cons, agreement and disagreement, long statements, opinions, different interests, not to say misperceptions and political issues. We make decision that is not popular. We can not please everybody, even those who are close to us. Now we need to be emotionally healthy beside physically healthy. To take decision that is not biased by our own feeling, to take an effective decision that will be fruitful for lots of people, while we are sensing people’s likes and dislikes toward us..and in spite of that, we need to empower ourselves and have the ego strength to take all those mentioned above. Instead, we can not tell anybody about what we have came through, can not show everybody about how we feel. Because we are leaders. Keep smiling and lift our heads high for us to be someone people can count on.

As leaders, we are not normal. We are UPnormal. We live in another level of awareness. Be aware of our own state everyday, aware of people around us and the environment, as well as aware of things that are maybe trapping us emotionally, and also to be aware of who and what. We are staying in another higher level of consciousness, as conscious as we make decisions upon our awareness, as conscious as what we do, when and how.

As leaders, we are not normal. We are UPnormal.

We are leaders, we are UPnormal. Even if you think you just want to be normal, you still need to lead yourself and your family.

So, can we decide to be just as normal as everybody? The answer is no. Because we are somebody. And if you want to be a good leader for yourself, be UPnormal. Set your normal level higher, be normal with UPnormal level.

Jakarta, 1 September 2019
Meta Coach