Mohammad Utoro

Industrial Relation Coach, Leadership & Management Development Coach, Culture Engagement Coach


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  • Certified Master Instructor – Indonesian Professional Certification Authority – 2016
  • Certified 100 hours Group Coach – Dr. Michael Hall – Bali March 2015
  • Certified 100 hours Group Coach – Lena Gray & Colin Cox – Malaysia December 2013
  • International Certified Neuro-Semantics-NLP Trainer provided by International Society of Neuro Semantics (ISNS) -Hong Kong, October 2013
  • Authorized IC Compass Consultant – Mindset Assessment for Career and Recruitment – April 2013
  • Certified 100 hours Group Coach – Dr. Michael Hall – Bali March 2013
  • Certified Mediator from National Mediation Center Jakarta – June- 2012
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach – Bali – ISNS – May 2011
  • NS/NLP Master – Meta-Mind – Jakarta – 2010
  • Certified HR Professional (CHRP) – GML 2010
  • Certified NLP Practitioner – Holcim Academy 2009
  • Certified Job Analysis & Evaluation – Hay Group 2009
  • Diploma of Business Front Line Managemant – t+b solutions Australia 2008
  • Certified Pension Fund Professional – Indonesia Pension Fund Standard Institution 2009

Having finished his study in Faculty of Engineering – Chemical Engineering of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta Indonesia in 1994, Utoro took the journey on his engineering career in various position areas. His Leadership & Managerial career was started in 2004 when he was promoted as Business Development Manager in a Cement Multinational Company and kept moving to various jobs/experience as Project Manager, HR Operation and Business Partner Manager, HR Country Manager and Executive Director.

Since November 2012, Utoro has been formally starting his career as full-time professional Coach, Consultant and Neuro-Semantics-NLP Trainer, especially in the area of Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Communication & Personal-Organizational Development. Active as speaker in Conferences, Seminars and Focus Group Discussion; presenting application of coaching, leadership & communication in some areas such as: conflict resolution, negotiation, entrepreneurship, parenting, teaching and student coaching.