Aidil Akbar

Specialty : Executive and Business Coach


An entrepreneur who have started businesses since 2004 and have concern in people development. Aidil has starting using NLP and coaching in his business and others since 2012.


Certification training in NLP:

Licensed Practitioner of NLP, by The Society of NLP, 2012

Licensed Master Practitioner on NLP, by The Society of NLP, 2012

Certified Practitioner of NLP by ABNLP, 2014

Certified Timeline Therapy by ABNLP, 2014

Certified Meta Master Practioner of NS-NLP, 2015

Certified Trainer of NS-NLP, 2019


Certification training in Coaching:

Profesional and Business coach training by Formula Bisnis Indonesia, 2013

Clean Language Coaching and therapy, 2012

Coaching and counselling for Leader, from HRexcellency, 2013

Modul I-IV ICF ACTP, The Art and Science of Coaching, by Erickson International, 2014

4D Team Coaching by Erickson International, 2016

Executive and Business Coaching by International Coaching Community, 2016


Others Certification Training competencies:

Training for Firewalk Trainer by TDWResources

Emotional Quality Management by HRexcellency

Certified EQ for Selling by Six Second International

Certified Profesional Graphologist by ALESI

Essential Licensed Trainer by MWS

The Success Factor Modeling by Dilts Strategy Group

Velocity Practitioner by Erickson International



Contributor writer, Kisah Sukses denganCoaching, 2016

Contributor Writer, 33 Inspirasi Coaching untuk Indonesia, 2016



Sarjana Teknik, Teknik Elektro, Universitas Andalas

Magister Management Universitas Andalas