The Meta-Coach System® provides the most cutting edge communication training available in the world today for Professional Coaches and any individual or organisation committed to rich relationships and success.


Neuro-Semantics Neuro-Semanticsbegan in 1996 as the brain-child of Michael Hall and Bobby Bodenhamer as we engaged in various and extensive conversations about Meta-States, NLP, and General Semantics.


The unleashing process of self-actualizing is a journey inward that will take you through a thousand rabbit holes as you explore the depths and heights of your inner games bringing you to the outer world of performance.

A capable Neuro-Semantics community starts with diverse Neuro-Semantics Leadership

“If you want to win at the game of life, you have to know the rules of the game and have a strategy for winning. That’s why we focus on the art of winning the inner game in Neuro-Semantics.”